Best boAt Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones On-Ear

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Today we have brought for you, boat rockerz 400 headset, which some brothers want to buy, or would like to buy, but the question must have come in their mind whether this headphone is really good. So today we will do unboxing of this headphone as well as do its full review so that you can decide for yourself whether this headphone is better for you or not? Should I take it or not? So let’s start……

Note: We will review this product honestly, whatever we tell in it, we will tell things related to this product, in this we will not compare any other product with it. If you must buy this headphone, please buy from our link!

We will go through all the specifications and pros & cons of boat rockerz 400 step by step and decide what it is good for.

1.boAt rockerz 400 bluetooth headsets Unboxing

So brother, first of all we do its unboxing, this headphone comes with very good packing, and some specifications have been given above its box, which we will talk about further. As soon as you open the box, the first thing you get to see is your Headphones as well as User Manual, Catalog, 1 Micro USB Charging Cable which is not very good but is fine. 1 year warranty card is available, by scanning which you can take the warranty. 1 AUX cable so that when its battery is discharged, it can be run with the help of AUX cable.

2.Build quality & design

Built: If we talk about the built quality of boat rockerz 400 headphone, then it is completely made of plastic, metal, and cotton cloth has been used for cushioning. One thing I did not like, they have not even mentioned on Mahi that it is water proof or sweat proof. Even if you do take it, keep it away from water or rain.

Headband: First of all, if we talk about the headband, then the headband is quite flexible and cushioning has been done from the material like cotton on the inside of the headband. So this headband will fit well on your head and steel strips have been given in the headband, so you can more or less according to your small and big head. Left and right symbols were also given on the inside of the headband, so that you should be able to identify which is left and which is right.

Earcups: If you talk about earcups, then you get to see the boAt branding on both the earcups. The best part is that these earcups are foldable. The cushioning of the earcups has been given by dogs, I liked its cushioning very much. On the left earcups, you get only two notification lights so that you can know when you charge it or this light turns on when connected to bluetooth.

Above the right earcups, you have been given all the buttons such as multifunction button and Next/previous button as well as a micro USB port with the help of which you can charge the headphones. 3.5mm audio jack is available in which you can use the AUX cable. You get to see the microphone in both the earcups.

3.Sound quality & Bass

Sound quality: If we talk about the sound quality of boat rockerz 400 headset, then very good sound quality is available. The clarity it has, you get very good as well as background detailing is also very good and along with it, you get to hear the sound of the sound very well. In this you do not get to hear distortion.

Bass: If you are a bass lover then this headphone can be a good option for you as you get to see 40mm dynamic drivers in it. Which provides a pretty solid base. And inside it you get to hear the combination of music clarity and bass very well.

Call quality: You also get a microphone in this, so if you also do babu, gold, mona at night, then you get to hear the call quality very good and clear. And it comes with noise isolation, so whenever you talk to someone, unnecessary noise will not be heard.

Latency ; If you are also a gamer then this is a good headphone for you. Although it has not been mentioned anywhere that it is for the gamer, but inside it you get to hear very less latency. And the sound of left and right feet also comes well.

4.boat rockerz 400 battery life

Inside it you get to see a 300mAh battery. Which takes about 3 hours to charge. And the boAt company claims that if it gets fully charged once, it gives non-stop playback of up to 8 losses. But it depends on what % volume you listen to music. Accordingly, the time can be more or less.

Note: One thing must be kept in mind, whenever you charge a small device like this earphone, use a charger of less than 10 watts. lives.

5.Wireless range & Connectivity

Wireless range: If we talk about the range of boat rockerz 400 bluetooth version, then it provides latest bluetooth v5.0 inside it which is the very latest bluetooth version as of this time.

Connectivity: how to connect boat rockerz 400 wireless headphone

If we talk about connectivity, then by holding the multifunction button of the earphone for a few seconds, it enters the pairing mode. And a folder named boat rockerz 400 is found in your device, on which you can connect by touching. Let me tell one more thing that this laptop, android and ios connects to all with ease, there is no problem to be seen.

6. Button controls

You get to see three buttons on the right ear cups. Multifunction button and Next / Previous button, if you press the multifunction button once, then you can play/pause music, pick up or cut the call.

If you press the Next button once, you can increase the volume and if you press it twice, the next one goes to the music. If you press the Previous button once, you can reduce the volume and if you press it twice, the previous one goes to the music. And if you want to use google assistant and Siri then hold the multifunction button for 1.5 seconds after that you will open assistant and Siri.

ManufacturerImagine Marketing Pvt Ltd,
Voltage‎220 Volts
Battery DescriptionLi-polymer
Battery Average Life‎8 Hours
Battery Average Life Standby‎100 Hours

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