best affordable boAt Rockerz 261 sports in Ear Wireless Earphones india 2021

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Today we have brought for you on your demand boat rockerz 261 bluetooth earphones, which some brothers want to buy, or would like to buy, but the question must have come in their mind whether this headphone is really good, which we first best affordable boAt Rockerz Unboxing Will do and do a full review of it so that you can decide for yourself whether this earphone is better for you or not? Should I take it or not? So let’s start……

Note: We will review this product honestly, whatever we tell in it, we will tell things related to this product, in this we will not compare any other product with it. If you must buy this earphone, please buy from our link!
We will go through all the specifications and pros & cons of boat rockerz 261 step by step and decide what it is good for.

1.boat rockerz 261 bluetooth headsets unboxing

So brother, first of all we do its best affordable boAt Rockerz unboxing, its box comes with very solid packing and some highlighted features are given above the box which we will talk about later. First of all let us know what do we get with it. First of all, you get to see the earphone, now keep it on the side and let’s look at other things.

1 User Manual, 1 Catalog, 1 USB to Micro USB Cable Which is fine but not very good. 1 year warranty card which you can scan and take the warranty. Another extra thing is a small carry case which is of good quality to carry it.
boat‐rockerz‐261‐review 2.Build quality & Design


Built: If we talk about the build quality of the boat rockerz 261, then it is made using a lot of plastic and rubber, the back material is plastic and the inside of the ears is made of rubber. It is available in two color combinations, Black & Red and Black & Blue which looks great.

The best part is that it has IPX7 sweat & water resistant so that it can withstand water and sweat with ease and also you get a few pairs of small and medium sized silicone eartips that you can use for your small and large. You can use according to your comfort for the ears.


Design : If you look at the design, then the boat rockerz 261 sport bluetooth earphone is designed for sports only, one thing is very good in this, rubber earhooks have been installed for extra support to the ears so that the earplugs can be easily placed in the ear. Don’t fall off Flat wire has been given in this earphone which is of good quality. In its earplugs, you get all the buttons and ports etc.

The top of both the earplugs are designed like big and small dots, which is quite nice to look at. And above both the earplugs, you get a round dot made of A, whose multifunction button has been given on the right side of the plugs.

boat‐rockerz‐261‐sports‐wireless‐earphones Both the earplugs have boAt branding on the slightly side, on the right earphone you get other buttons such as volume up or down button and with this button your song also becomes Next / Previous. Is. In the same earplugs, you get a microphone as well as a charging port, with the help of which you can charge the earphone.
3.Sound quality & Bass

Sound quality

Sound quality: Now that we talk about the sound quality, then the sound in boat rockerz 261 is quite loud ﴾sharp﴿. Whenever we watch a movie or listen to music, you get very good vocals, and background detailing or whatever the instrument budget is, that too can be heard very well, there is a lot of clarity in the sound.

Bass: Even after listening to the bass, brother, an 11mm dynamic driver has been used inside it, which provides a lot of thumping and punchy bass and it is not that there is any problem in the sound due to the bass, this bass and The combination of sound is maintained so that you get very good sound quality.

Call quality

Call quality: Talking about call quality, whenever your call is eight, by pressing the multifunction button once, the call is raised. You also get a microphone in this, so if you also do babu, gold, mona at night, then you get to hear the call quality very good and clear. And this noise comes with cancellation,

so whenever you talk to someone, unnecessary noise will not be heard.
Latency: If you are also a gamer then this can be a good headphone for you. Although it gets Bluetooth v4.1, yet you get to hear very less latency inside it. And the sound of left and right feet also comes well.

4.boat rockerz 261 battery life

Inside it you get to see a battery as big as 100mAh. Which takes about 2 hours to charge. And the boAt company claims that once it is fully charged, it gives about 8 hours of non‐stop playback. But it depends on what % volume you listen to music. Accordingly, the time can be more or less.
Note: One thing must be kept in mind whenever you charge a small device like this earphone, then use a charger of less than 10 watts if you use more than 10 watts. If you use a watt charger, then there is a risk of battery damage.

5.Wireless range & Connectivity

Wireless range: If we talk about the range of Boat Rockerz 261 bluetooth headsets, then it offers the latest bluetooth v4.1 inside it, which is capable of connecting within a range of 10 meters. But I am also a little disappointed with this because at this time this tutorial would have been much better if it had given bluetooth v5.0 in it, still it is good whatever it is.

Connectivity ﴾how to connect boat rockerz 261 wireless headphone﴿ : If we talk about connectivity, then by holding the multifunction button of the earphone for a few seconds, it enters the pairing mode.

And in your device a folder named boat rockerz 261 is found on which you can touch and connect, and if it is connected to a device once, then whenever you turn it on it will automatically connect to it. Let me tell one more thing that this laptop, android and ios connects to all with ease, there is no problem to be seen.

6.Button controls of boat rockerz 261

You get to see three buttons on the right earplugs. Multifunction button and Next / Previous button, if you press the multifunction button once, then you can play/pause music, pick up or cut the call.

If you press the Next button once, you can increase the volume and if you press it twice, the next one goes to the music. If you press the Previous button once, you can reduce the volume and if you press it twice, the previous one goes to the music. And if you want to use google assistant and siri then hold the multifunction button for 1.5 seconds after that you will open assistant and siri.

boAt Rockerz Comfort

There will still be a question in the hearts of some people whether the boat rockerz 261 is comfortable or not, yes it is absolutely comfortable because it is quite light. Its earplugs have also been given in earhooks for extra support Along with this, you are also given a small carry case, so if you travel then there will be no problem in carrying it. The best part is that the inner side of the earplugs is completely made of rubber, so brother, the ears are going to get a lot of comfort, and the ears will not have to face any pain.

Technical Details

Model Name‎Rockerz
Product Dimensions‎1.47 x 1.45 x 35 cm; 18.5 Grams
Batteries‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Compatible Devices‎All Bluetooth Devices
Special FeaturesAndroid Phone Control, Bluetooth, IOS Phone Control, Lightweight, Volume-Control, Microphone Feature, Water Resistant
Microphone Form Factor

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