Oneplus Nord Buds Review India 2022

Oneplus Nord Buds Review India 2022

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Oneplus nord buds Review sennheiser noise cancelling headphones

I have been using Oneplus nord buds with iPhone x for the past few days, they work perfectly, the sound quality is awesome. Trust me, you will not lose anything even if you have bought expensive ones like bose and apple airpods. I have used most of them in the past.

A few days ago I washed my Apple AirPods with my cloth in my washing machine, so RIP AirPods. Then I decided to go with the more cost-effective Oneplus nord buds, as I’m going through them too fast by using them too harshly and carelessly, but for god’s sake my right hand I’ll be using these buds more carefully.

These earbuds have great sound quality and very good noise cancellation (no active noise cancellation), it’s just ai based NC but fitting is very strong of this Oneplus nord buds so it makes awesome sound barrier for outside noise .

The battery backup is great, sweat and dust resistant making it more strenuous to use. It charges fast like a device of this size.

Remember that you are not able to configure some of its functions on the Hemelody app on iPhone. It doesn’t work on the iPhone, but you can do it on some Android phones. It remembers the setting.

Oneplus nord buds Design-wise it looks great, only wishing the charging case could be more vertical than thicker horizontally. It pops out of my pants, feels like a third ball at times. However, the design of the buds is very good for the price.

I would say if you are an iPhone user, for fear of commitment to this awesome low budget earbuds, do it and save yourself some money, invest it in some stocks or mutual funds. Remember that things like this have depreciation

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Worth its price.

Oneplus nord buds Comfortable fit, excellent sound quality (both with music and on calls). No sound latency.
The HeyMelody app is a great way to customize your Oneplus nord buds. You can have balanced, smooth and bass-enhanced settings (equalizer settings). It charges quickly. The case is small so it’s no trouble to carry it around and the simplified design is a nice add-on. Worth every Price.

Battery life

This product was recommended by a colleague for its long battery life. On a single charge, it serves up to 4hours of call time…which is pretty good.

It syncs with all devices, you have to use it on any phone and laptop. Nice to Have is a feature where this product can be combined with two products at the same time. Oneplus nord buds

Noise-free calls

Oneplus nord buds keep your calls clear and crisp with a wind-resistant, four-microphone design and AI Noise Reduction Softener that blocks wind and background noise.

Stay connected

Tired of broken audio and dropped connections while you’re gaming? Oneplus nord buds have Bluetooth 52 and 94ms low-latency to make sure you have a winning audio experience when playing in Pro Gamer Mode.

Oneplus nord buds Design

The design of the Nord Buds is different from other earbuds offered by the company. Their thick, ice cream stick-like stems with a matte finish set them apart from other OnePlus Buds, which look similar to the AirPods. At 4.82 grams each, they’re also lighter than the AirPods Pro (5.4 grams). A circular silver spot on the outer stems, in addition to adding to the design, doubles as a tactile location for controls – a single tap for pause/play/picking calls and a double-tap to skip the soundtrack.Oneplus nord buds

Number Of Items2
Headphones Form Factor‎In-Ear
Voltage‎5 Volts
Cable FeatureWithout Cable
Connector Type‎Wireless

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